Alleppey Houseboats

Waves and Dales is a floating home away from home that denotes uniqueness and exclusivity. Alleppey Houseboats offers a comfortable river cruise in the picturesque backwaters of Kerala which is one of India’s most enchanting holiday destinations. The boat is fully equipped with home style necessities and friendly staff to attend your every need. Our boats are designed to cruise through the palm fingered backwaters. In the middle there are number of villages and towns which serves as the starting and ending point of cruising.

We, the Best Houseboats in Alleppey focus on quality of service provided to our guest and utmost care has been taken in all the areas. Boat Staff is technically qualified and friendly. Good hygiene practices are followed. With our experienced guiding our guest on-board can experience the real backwaters and village life and have their dream vacation come true. Our house boats are constructed in a customary and eco-friendly way (We used Wood, palm trees, areca nut trees bamboos and other ethnic materials.) and our houseboats are fitted with all the common luxuries of a decent lodging including outfitted rooms, a kitchen, present day toilets, at home lounges, and even an overhang for sunbathing or plotting. Our Luxury houseboats in Alleppey controlled by inboard motor for smooth and noise free relax.

Entertainment Factors - Alleppey Houseboats


Fishing in Alleppey houseboats can be really fascinating.. If you are lucky you might get a good 'Karimeen' or any other exotic fishes. The on-board chef will come with one of Kerala's famous 'Karimeen fry' with 'Kallu' or Toddy which is Kerala's indigenous beer tapped from Coconut trees.

Arranged on Request


The traditional martial art form of Kerala, consists of a series of complex movements that teach the body and mind. The discipline is practiced and accompanied by the Kerala's famous ayurvedic and nature cure techniques.


A popular ritual dance form of Kerala, glorifying the goddess. Themes revolves around the triumph of the goddess over the demon Daruka and other evil characters. It’s always performed by men, they also enact female roles wearing exotic make up and colourful costumes. Theyyam brings to life the great stories of our State.


Popular classical dance form of Kerala, the temptress is a recurring character in Hindu mythology. Attam means dance, it’s the classical solo dance. It is seductive dance performed by women. In technique Mohiniyattam comes somewhere between Kathakali and Bharathanatyam. The symmetrical patterns of emotion flow with smooth footwork, somewhat quickened body movements and special music and the swaying yet graceful symphony of the hips and eye movements that fascinate all who watch them are all synonymous with this legendary art form...


Solo dance performed exclusively by women, is believed to be India's oldest form of classical dance. This dance form is also called poetry in motion, It was originally known as 'dasi attam', a temple art performed by young women called 'deva dasis'.


It’s one of the oldest classical art of Kerala. The solo dance is mainly presented in the koothambalam of temples. The performance begins with an invocation to the presiding deity of the temple. The narration is enlivened with thandava dance movements, facial expression and gestures according to the guidelines in natya sastra. Themes are usually from the epics. The costume is colourful and bizarre with a strange headgear.